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Since 2009, due to family circumstances we decided to convert the bird room into extra living space….. It’s amazing how different it looks now!


This year, David has just  refurbished a timber shed into a much smaller bird room, and has just purchased a few red factors to keep along with a couple of mules. He no longer keeps Yorkshire canaries, so please don’t come looking for any stock!


David and Sarah continue to work hard in their contract Painting and Cleaning business, but during the past few years have been able to progress their love for photography into providing a professional  service specialising in Wedding Photography. If you want to see some examples of recent work please         CLICK HERE


The love of photography runs in the family, as eldest daughter Kirsty has a  photography degree and is an up coming fine art photographer.  Some of her work can be seen  on Kirsty’s own web site

Here is the bird room in its hey day full of very good Yorkshire canaries. David was sad to see them go.

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